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2 Days Free WordPress Training Class

Most Comprehensive WordPress Short Course in Singapore, Yet Free

When most people offer you a free preview; their intention is to sell you a course. We are different; we are offering a full 2-day WordPress web design course for free, albeit with one caveat, we are looking only for students with demonstrated commitment towards learning our skills and putting them to good use. If you fit this description, we most certainly want to meet you.

Why Enroll in Our WordPress Class?

There are many reasons why people choose us for their WordPress website building training. Below we list a few...

Comprehensive Syllabus

Ours is a full 2-day class. We teach way beyond basic WordPress. By the end of class, you will have the ability to take any WordPress website and duplicate most of it’s design. Of course, we are not asking you to copy others; we respect copyright and we are sure you do too.

Rather, we are just arming you with skills so that (with some practice), you’ll even be able to offer Web Design services on a freelance basis.

WordPress Design Customization

Whether you are working on your own website or building a site for others, it’s very unlikely that you’ll find a WordPress theme (ie template) that you’ll like 100%. It could be the line spacing that you don’t like or perhaps styling or position of certain fonts or images? Many WordPress short courses do not teach you website design customization, leaving you clueless on how to make that all important final design tweak.

We are different. In class, you’ll be taught how to design your website, beginning with a blank canvas. You be streets ahead in terms of WordPress skills if you learn through us.

No Coding Required

Yes, we know what’s going through your mind now. You are probably asking if this is a coding class. It is not. It’s a beginner’s class and as such, we do not expect you to know even a single line of code to master the skills we teach.

And once you go through our class, others on seeing your new found skills will find it hard to believe that you are even a beginner. Amazing but true, we promise.

Is there a Limit to Our Enrollment Numbers?

No, we are not putting a cap to the number of students we accept. As long as you are genuinely committed to learn, we are prepared to teach. We are however constrained by our classroom size. Hence if the enrollment numbers are too large, some of you may have to be put on a waitlist for our next class. And to be fair to all, enrollment will be on a first come first served basis, with no preferential treatment given to anyone.

Why are We Teaching For Free?

Why not? Often website building is the first of many courses, those interested in online marketing will attend. As such, we know that if we are able to exceed your expectations in our course deliver (and we are confident we will), we'll naturally become your first choice when it comes to furthering your online marketing education.

And that’s why we keep stressing that we are more than prepared to invest our time teaching you, but only if you are as committed towards learning as we are towards teaching.

How do You Find Out More?

By attending our evening WordPress workshop. It’s free as well plus you get to learn basic WordPress and witness for yourself the superiority and comprehensiveness of our free 2-day WordPress training course. And if you have questions, we’ll be more than glad to answer them.

To register for our free evening workshop, simply fill up the registration form below

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