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Building a WordPress Site from Scratch

About Us & What We Teach

WordPress is easy. It’s about loading a theme, activating it and installing plugins to give you the functionalities you need. Such skills need not be thought in a class. There are enough free Youtube short videos to show the way. What WordPress newbies want is to learn how to build a WordPress site from scratch, using nothing more than a blank canvas; that’s what we teach and that’s what makes us different. By the end of our beginner’s WordPress class, you will be able to confidently build the most professional looking WordPress websites from scratch and if you so wish, charge others for your service.

Our Vision

To be the premier WordPress Training School in Singapore, grooming students into Awesome Site builders

Our Mission

To make the building of Awesome Sites possible for all in Singapore through imparting the highest levels of WordPress skills in the shortest possible time.

Who We Are?

We are a new WordPress training school and we do not try to hide this fact. However, our trainers are experienced, having taught not just WordPress, but even the most Advance SEO Certification course in Singapore. You are thus assured of the best possible WordPress training, if you learn from us.

Our Trainer – Andrew Koh

Andrew Koh was formerly the Chief Agency Officer at HSBC Insurance, holding a corporate rank of Senior Vice President. He obtained his certification in Advance SEO from the world renowned Search Engine Academy and is currently teaching this same Advanced SEO certification course here in Singapore.

He is perhaps the only Internet Marketing Instructor here with high level corporate managerial experience, having worked in an MNC environment for more than 18 years.
Students will thus be able to benefit from both his sound WordPress knowledge as well as his real-world marketing skills.

Why Choose Us?

You can go elsewhere and learn beginners, intermediate and advanced level WordPress separately or just complete one course with us and become a WordPress expert. Best of all, we are willing to even teach for FREE, if you are committed to learn and put the skills we teach into practice.

Can Everyone Learn WordPress Skills?

Why not? No coding is required. More importantly, from the way we teach it, you will be surprised how easy the whole website building process can be, even if you are working straight out of a blank canvas.

Register for our Evening WordPress Workshop

We conduct a WordPress workshop once a week, usually on Wednesday at 1pm and 7pm. During this workshop, we teach basic WordPress for free plus fill you in with the details of our 2-day WordPress training class.

It’s the best way to find out more about our course and what you can expect to learn from us. To reserve your seat, simply register now.

Alternatively, you are looking for a reputable web developer to build your company website, you may wish to check out our Web Design Service.