Buy .COM Domain - Just $19.10 (No GST)

And get the following FREE live training (via zoom):

  • 1 Domain Management Course (1.5 Hour)
  • 2 cPanel Operation Course (1.5 Hours)

How To Register a Domain Name?

Plus redeem your FREE live training courses


Think of a Suitable Domain Name

Make a list of possible domain names together with the appropriate domain extensions (TLD) e.g. .com, .net, .org, .sg etc


Search and Register Your Domain

Simply run the list of domain names you came up with through the domain search tool below to check if they are available. If they are, just follow the onscreen instructions thereafter to register your preferred domain.


Register For Your Free Courses

Upon successful registration of a domain name, you will receive an email with instructions to register for the following free course:

  • Domain Management Course (1.5 hours)
  • cPanel Course (1.5 hours)

See full course details and syllabus here

One Flat Rate for Registration, Renewal and Domain Transfer

Our Domain Name Price List - No GST & Exceedingly Cheap

.COM, .NET or .ORG (Registration/ Renewal / Transfer Fee)

Can be bought by anyone. 

.SG (Registration/ Renewal / Transfer Fee)

To buy a .sg domain, you will need to be a resident of Singapore with a valid SingPass account & well as a Singapore postal address. Foreign persons may also buy this extension but they will have to appoint a local person (with valid Singapore postal address) as agent and administrative contact.

.COM.SG (Registration/ Renewal / Transfer Fee)

Please note that you will need to own an ACRA registered company or be in the midst of registering one to buy a .com.sg domain. Foreign entities can buy it too but only by appointing a local agent with valid Singapore postal address as administrative contact.



Why Buy a Domain Name from Us?

  • 1 One Flat Fee for Domain Registration, Renewal and Transfer (Other's charge a hefty price for renewal, so beware!)
  • 2 No GST so you save an additional 8% (Compared to many of our competitors)
  • 3 Get from us at very cheap prices and host anywhere (Truely the best of both worlds)
  • 4 Free Live Training (Via Zoom) on cPanel Usage, Domain Management so you will know how to manage your domain name(s) plus utilise any cPanel web hosting service. (only provider to offer this training)
  • 5 Free 2-Day Live Training on Website Creation so that you can build either a regular website or an eCommerce enabled one (This is a highly rated course with more than 900 postive reviews on Facebook)
  • 6 Novice friendly client area to manage nameserver settings and edit domain contact information
  • 7 Auto renewal option so that your domain will not accidentally lapse
  • 8 Registrar lock to prevent accidental transfer of your domain or domain theft.
  • 9 More than 900 positive reviews on Facebook (We are simply the best!)

Tricks Some Domain Name Retailers Adopt

Beware When Buying Domain Name from Others!

A common practice in domain name retail, adopted by some of the biggest players in the market, is to give buyers the false perception that their domain names are cheap. How so? By slashing the price of their domains only for the first year. These companies then charge very hefty renewals fees for each subsequent year thereafter.

So when buying domain names, it's important to look at both the registration price as well as renewal prices from year 2 onwards.


More Than 700 Recommedations and 5-Star Reviews on Facebook

Our Reviews and Testimonials

facebook logoAwesome Sites Pte. Ltd.Awesome Sites Pte. Ltd.
5 Stars - Based on 995 User Reviews

Since 2017, more than 10,000 students have walked through our doors, learning WordPress from basic to advanced level. Among them, more than 700 were inspired enough to leave us a review on FaceBook, detailing their experience with us. From these reviews, you can see that we are the most loved WordPress training course provider in Singapore, hands down


Here are some commonly asked questions pertaining to the domains your purchase through us.

Yes you may. Just request the EPP code from us and you are free to transfer it to any web host you so choose.

However some domain extensions may have transfer restrictions which can result in your transfer request being denied. For example, .com extensions have a restriction which disallows the transfer of domain name from one registrar to another within the first 60 days of a new registration.

Yes you may. In fact, that's what we expect you to do as we do not currently provide web hosting services.

All you have to do is ask your web hosting company for their nameserver settings and make the changes in your client area.

If you do not know how to make these changes, do not worry. That's one of the things we teach in the FREE 3-hour cPanel and Domain Management Course you will receive when you purchase your domain name from us.

That's entirely up to you. During the registration process, you will be asked to fill in the registrant details. This can be yourself or your company, if you so wish. Whoever you input as the registrant will be recognised as the registered owner of the domain.

Once registration of a domain name is successfully completed, you will become the registrant of that domain for the duration of the registered period. You cannot deregister the domain and as such cannot void the registration and get a refund.

If you do not wish to keep the domain, simply let it lapse by not renewing it when it is due. 

Do note that we have an auto renewal feature that is active by default. This is to protect against unintentional renewal lapses. If you do not wish to renew your domain, please ensure that this auto renewal feature is turned off.

Once the registration process is completed, you cannot make any changes to the domain name. You will either have to live with the error or let the erroneously registered domain lapse and buy a new one with the correctly spelt name.

Do note that we have an auto renewal feature that is active by default. This is to protect against unintentional domain renewal lapses. If you do not wish to renew your domain, please ensure that this auto renewal feature is turned off.

In most instances, once payment is made and the registration is successfully completed, you will immediately become the new owner of the purchased domain.

However for some country specific domains e.g. .sg or .com.sg, there can be delays because of the additional requirements imposed by the official country code top-level domain registry (e.g. SGNIC for Singapore domain names).

If a domain is not available, we recommend that you consider using another domain extension e.g. if .com is not available, try .org, .net or perhaps even .sg.

Alternatively, you may approach the registered owner of the domain to see if he is open to selling his domain to you. This approach can be made via a domain buying service if you are not comfortable with the idea of approaching the owner directly.

To know who the registered owner is, you can do a whois search.

No, we currently do not. That's why we are offering free training on how to operate a cPanel hosting plus domain management - so that you can use your purchased domain with any web hosting company of your choosing. 

Domain Selection Course. Free (Via Zoom). No Domain Sign Up Required. All are Welcome.

Domain Selection Course. Free (Via Zoom). All are Welcome.

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