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  • Looking for a good  eCommerce training course to attend?
  • Hoping to build your own eCommerce website but do not know how?

Our eCommerce training class is all you need then. It's informative, content rich and best of all, its free.

Free eCommerce workshop for Everyone

Many people disguise a course preview as a free workshop; we don't. In this free eCommerce training workshop, you'll get to learn all the steps needed to launch your first fully functional eCommerce website, including having shopping carts with payment gateway integration. Finally, you will be able to start running your own online eCommerce business, selling any product of your choice.

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We are the same people who brought you the most loved basic WordPress workshop in Singapore. In just 6 months, more than 100 actual workshop participants rated us 5-star on Facebook! That's more positive Facebook reviews than what many companies can muster in their entire lifetime!

We've Just Upped the Ante

Sadly for our competitors, we have just upped the ante. We've already given you the best basic WordPress training Singapore for free. Now we bring you the best basic eCommerce training, taught by the same team and with the same high quality delivery; you can never lose out if you choose to attend because it's again free.


Topics Covered at Workshop

Essentially everything you need to know to build and then run your first e-store will be covered. More specifically, this will include:

  • Getting to Know Woocommerce
  • Installing and Running Woocommerce
  • Introduction to Woocommerce Store Settings
  • Setting Up Payment Gateway Integration
  • Setting Up Shipping Options
  • Adding Simple and Variable Products
  • Creating Coupons
  • Monitoring and Moderating Product Reviews
  • Setting Up the Homepage and Navigation
  • Managing Orders
  • Understanding Woocommerce Reports

No Coding Knowledge Required

And don't worry. You do not have to learn coding to build an eCommerce website. These days with a user friendly CMS platform such as WordPress, you can build the most professional looking eCommerce website, without even knowing a single line of code.

Course Prerequisite

While we do not require coding knowledge, we do have a simple course prerequisite. To benefit most from this workshop, participants should already have a working knowledge of basic WordPress. Because of time constrain, we will not be able to cover topics like:

  • What is WordPress?
  • Installing WordPress
  • Working with Themes and Plugins
  • Choosing the Right Plugins
  • Publishing of Pages
  • Publishing Posts
  • Adding Images to Pages or Posts
  • Editing Pages or Post
  • Embedding Videos to Pages or Post
  • Building a Mobile Responsive Sites

We therefore expect all workshop participants to already have this knowledge. Else we suggest you attend our free WordPress workshop first before attending this class.


Duration of Workshop - 4 Hours

The class itself should be about 4 hours. Thereafter, we will have some time for Q&A where participants are free to ask any eCommerce related question they want.

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