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Looking for free online resources on WooCommerce? Then you will love this page. We have collated for you, the best WooCommerce How To Videos all in one page, to make learning fun and easy for you. Alternatively if you prefer to learn in a live setting, just register for our free 4 Hour WooCommerce Training Workshop.

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How To Install Woocommerce

From watching this video, you will learn how to install WooCommerce and get it up and running.

You will love this video because it runs through the whole setup process in just slightly over 2 minutes.

How to Manage Product Reviews

WooCommerce allows visitors to create and leave product reviews on your website. However once these reviews are in, you need to know how to manage them.

This video shows you how.

How to Setup Shipping Zone

Shipping is part and parcel of eCommerce. Learn in this short video how to set up shipping rates for your very own WooCommerce website.

How to setup coupon

WooCommerce allows you to create discount coupons and offer them as promotion to your visitors and clients. And creating promotion coupons is easy. Simply follow the instructions in this short video and you'll have your very first promo coupon created in record time.

Managing Order

This short video shows you exactly what to do whenever a new order comes in. From order processing status to order completion, you'll know exactly what to do if you follow the simple instructions here.

Woocommerce Reports

Every shop owner will appreciate having reports to better understand the performance of their online shop so as to better manage it. And these reports are easily accessible direct from your WooCommerce dashboard. 

How to use them? Just watch this short video


Adding a Variable Product

Sometimes products are available in different various e.g size, colour, capacity etc. Rather than create many different product pages to cater to these various, this video shows you exactly how to handle variable products.

Setup Woocommerce Stripe Plugin

In order to collect payment via payment method like Credit/Debit card, you will need to connect to a payment gateway like Stripe. In this video we will be connecting our woocommerce website to stripe test mode. The same steps can be followed for the live mode.

Register for our Free eCommerce Workshop

We conduct a free eCommerce workshop every once a week for anyone with a genuine interest to learn. During this workshop, we teach WooCommerce using only free tools. From this workshop alone, you will have enough knowledge to build your very own eCommerce website; that's our promise.

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