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Looking for a free WordPress online training short course or resources? We’ve got you covered. While these are readily available throughout the internet, searching for them is can tedious. Hence, to help save you some time, we have collated the best videos we have come across and place them all here. They are organized sequentially to make it easy for you to reference them, when building your own websites. Have fun building Awesome Sites...

How To Install WordPress

This video shows you how to install WordPress and get it up and running. While the webhost used in this example is Siteground, you can just about use any host you prefer.

We like this video only because it cuts straight to the point and teaches the whole process in just slightly over 3 minutes.

How to Install and Activate WordPress Themes

Themes control the style, layout and design of your WordPress website. Most themes allow for minor layout options but if you wish to change the whole look and feel, you'll likely have to change to another theme.

This video shows you how easy it is to install a WordPress theme.

How to Install WordPress Plugins

The most wonderful thing about WordPress is the availability of many free plugins (more than 50,000 at time of writing). Each plugin gives your WordPress site a new functionality. If for example, you need a webform and don't know how to custom code one for yourself, simply install a contact form plugin, set it up and you'll have a contact form.

Just like themes, installing plugin is super easy as can be seen in this 5 min video.

Publishing a Page or Post on WordPress

Once you have your themes and plugins installed, you can begin publishing pages and/ or post. Again WordPress is super user friendly.

In slightly over 2 mins, this video will show you exactly how this is done.


Setting Up Your Website Navigation

Once your webpages are published, you'll want an easy way for your site visitors to navigate to those pages. That's why every website must have a navigation menu.

To set this up, just follow the steps in this 3 min video.

Adding Images to Your WordPress Page or Post

To make a page or post more interesting, you may wish to add an image on two before publishing.

In just over 2 mins, this video will show you how.

Adding YouTube Videos to WordPress

Now that you have learnt how images are added, how about going a step further and learn how to add YouTube videos to your pages or post as well.

Again the process is very simple; in less than 3 mins, this video gets it done.

Website Migration

Once you have completed your website in a staging environment, you will need to migrate it to the actual domain

In this video you will see how you can export the website and import to another domain.

Want to Learn Beyond the Basics?

Then you'll be pleased to know we teach in our beginner's course how to build a WordPress site from scratch, using nothing but a blank canvas. Once you learn these skills, you will not have to waste money on more WordPress themes, just to get the designing of your website right.

Best of all, we are even prepared to teach this course for free, but only to students who are committed to put the skills taught into practice. For details on our course, simply register for our preview.

2 Day WordPress Training - Just $188

We conduct a Full Day WordPress Training class once a week, usually on Wednesday & Thursday from 1pm to 7pm. Though priced at only $188, it covers everything you need to build a professional looking WordPress website. In fact, by the end of class, your first website will already be published. In short, it's just $188 plus 2 days of your time in exchange for a website; that's a good deal, don't you think?

Alternatively, you are looking for a reputable web developer to build your company website, we recommend BizEdge.com.sg.

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