Incredible Price. For $39 Only!

2 Day WordPress Training (Via Webinar)

  • Class Duration: 1pm to 7pm Both Days (This is Not a Preview)
  • Publish your First Professional WordPress Website By End of Class
  • Suitable for budding web designers, business owners, real estate agents, bloggers or anyone who needs a website

A Professional Business Website for Just $39!

A business website can easily cost above $1,000, if you hire a professional web designer to build it for you. But there is a cheaper alternative - building it yourself. How? By attending our 2-Day basic WordPress training webinar for a token fee of just $39.

And Here's Our Promise...

If for any reason, you fail to build your website by the end of class, we refund your $39. In short, we GUARANTEE YOUR SUCCESS!

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  • Price: $ 39.00
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Incredibly Priced at Just $39!

When we started Awesome Sites Pte. Ltd., we promised participants genuinely free WordPress workshops/classes. We delivered on our promise and the end result - rave reviews, week after week from actual workshop participants, many of whom couldn’t believe they could gain so much from a free workshop. After conducting the free workshop for more than 2 years, we now feel it’s time to up the ante. Since November 06 2019, we have been holding low cost fully hands on Full Day Basic WordPress training course, with the same high quality delivery you can I expect, whenever you hear our brand.

The Syllabus

Literally everything you need to get your WordPress site up and running. More specifically, here are the topics we’ll cover in this WordPress beginners course:

  • What is WordPress?
  • Overview of WordPress Dashboard
  • Installing WordPress
  • Installing Themes and Plugins
  • Changing WordPress Themes
  • Choosing the Right Plugins
  • Creating of Pages and Posts
  • Inserting of Images to Your Pages or Posts
  • Editing Pages and Post
  • Embedding of Videos
  • Creating Mobile Responsive Sites
  • Adding and Deleting of New Users

Indeed, you’ll leave our workshop with enough knowledge to be able to finally publish your first website live on the Internet!

Examples of Websites You Will Be Able to Build

By the end of the class, you will have the knowledge on how to build a fully functional, professional looking WordPress websites. The following are examples of websites you will be able to build by the end of this course. 

Example Site 1 -

Example Site 2 -

Why Learn WordPress?

WordPress is currently the number 1 Content Management System (CMS) in the world in terms of market share. It is used by the largest companies in the world, including Facebook and Microsoft. And best of all, it’s free.

Our Guarantee

If we do not fully cover the syllabus we published on our website to your satisfaction, just request for your money back. If you are unable to get your own professional WordPress website up and running, request for your $39 back. But if you do not turn up after signing up, your money will be forfeited.

So if you are a serious student, with every intention to turn up for this training, you will find that there is no better choice place in Singapore to pursue your WordPress education; this too, we promise.

Our Fees

$39 only.

Yes, it’s not a printing error. The fees is just $39. We want to be the first in Singapore to offer top class WordPress training at a fraction of the price others charge.

2 Day Basic WordPress Training Webinar

  • Price: $ 39.00
  • Acknowledgement:

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