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Google Analytics 4 Training Course

Elevate Your Analytics Game: Comprehensive Training Tailored for the Singapore Market

Mastering the Art & Science of Web Analytics with Google Analytics 4

In today's digitally-driven world, the ability to effectively measure and interpret your online presence has transitioned from a luxury to a non-negotiable necessity. Our Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Training Course doesn't merely introduce you to an update—it immerses you in a revolutionary approach. As the most recent evolution of the world's leading web analytics service, GA4 not only offers powerful, innovative features but also delivers sharper insights and a comprehensive view of user interactions. Whether you're an entrepreneur striving for a clearer digital footprint or a digital marketer keen to stay at the forefront, our course is your key to unlocking the full potential of GA4.

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Why Choose Our Google Analytics 4 Training Course?

Expert Instructor

Our training is spearheaded by Andrew Koh, a seasoned professional with a fusion of high-level corporate and digital marketing expertise. Andrew's career has placed him in pivotal roles such as Head of Marketing Development and Regional Director of Agencies at AIA, followed by the role of Senior Vice President and Chief Agency Officer at HSBC Insurance. His prowess in the digital realm is highlighted by his top-ranking positions on Google for key terms such as:

Andrew's diverse background – from driving strategic initiatives in major corporations to shining in the digital marketing realm – guarantees our training is both rooted in practical application and at the forefront of online strategies.

Comprehensive Curriculum

We pride ourselves on a course that dives deep. From foundational principles to the intricate aspects of Google Analytics 4, our curriculum is holistic, preparing you to address a plethora of analytical challenges.

Singapore-Focused Insights

Every market is unique, and we recognise that. By integrating local case studies and insights tailored for the Singaporean scene, we ensure what you learn is directly relevant and actionable.

Hands-on Approach

Knowledge isn't solely about absorbing facts—it's about applying them. Our course weaves in practical hands-on assignments, ensuring you're poised to apply what you've gleaned from the very beginning.

Affordable Pricing; Just $49!

We believe that elite education shouldn't come with an exorbitant price tag. Our course is competitively priced at just $39, guaranteeing unmatched value without overburdening your budget.

Overwhelmingly Positive Feedback

Don't simply rely on our word! We've amassed over 900 positive reviews on Facebook from contented learners who have witnessed the transformative power of our training first-hand.

Our Detailed Syllabus: What Will You Learn?

Embark on a thorough exploration of the multifaceted universe of Google Analytics 4. Each module is meticulously crafted to provide both theoretical comprehension and hands-on experience, ensuring you grasp and operationalise each concept seamlessly.

  • Historical Evolution: From Universal Analytics to GA4
  • Key Differences Between Universal Analytics and GA4
  • Overview of GA4 Interface

Each module concludes with hands-on practical assignments, ensuring you're not only learning but actively implementing your newfound knowledge.

Who Should Enrol in This Course?

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Command your digital territory. Whether you're running an established business or embarking on a new venture, understanding your online metrics is essential. This course grants you the expertise to discern, adapt, and amplify your digital engagements, positioning your endeavour for success.

Students & Fresh Graduates

Forge a promising start in the digital industry. With a growing demand for online proficiency, this course arms you with sought-after, market-relevant skills, propelling you into favourable job opportunities and empowering your initial career strides.

Digital Marketing Professionals

Stay ahead in the digital curve. In the dynamic world of online marketing, being updated gives you an edge. Delve into Google Analytics 4 to bolster your skillset, making you a standout asset in any marketing team.

Website Owners

Turn insights into action. Every visitor interaction on your site carries potential. Harness the power of GA4 to measure and optimise user behaviour, ensuring your website not only attracts but also effectively engages and converts.


We appreciate you might have queries before commencing this transformative journey with our Google Analytics 4 training course. Here are some frequently asked questions to provide clarity:

The course spans over 2 full days, with a total of 18 hours of instruction, hands-on practice. We've designed it to be comprehensive yet manageable for even complete beginners.

No prior knowledge of Google Analytics is required. The course starts with foundational concepts and gradually progresses to advanced topics. However, a basic understanding of digital marketing can be beneficial.

Primarily, you'll be working with Google Analytics 4, a free tool provide by Google. You will also need a computer which can run any of the latest modern browsers (e.g. Chrome, Safari or Firefox) with an internet connection.

All necessary materials and resources are provided within the course. While we may recommend supplementary readings or other free tools, they are not mandatory for course completion.

Yes, our curriculum is designed to encompass both foundational concepts and the latest features, ensuring you have a holistic understanding of the platform. We update our course materials every 6 months to ensure that our content is current with the latest features and best practices of Google Analytics 4.

Yes, to fully benefit from and engage with the content of our Google Analytics 4 Training Course, participants should be at least 21 years old. This recommendation is based on a few reasons:

Complexity of Material: The course covers both foundational and advanced topics in web analytics, requiring participants to have a certain level of maturity and understanding to grasp and apply the concepts effectively.

Professional Relevance: The course is designed primarily with business owners, entrepreneurs, digital marketing professionals, and website owners in mind. Being at least 21 ensures that participants are either already in the workforce or preparing to enter it, thus making the course's content more immediately applicable to their professional or entrepreneurial endeavours.

Hands-on Assignments: The practical assignments require participants to interact with real-world digital platforms, make informed decisions, and analyse actual data. An age of at least 21 ensures participants have the requisite decision-making skills and online experience to navigate and benefit from these assignments.

In summary, while there's no strict age limitation, being at least 21 years old ensures that participants are positioned to fully engage with and benefit from the course material and practical exercises.

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