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While many businesses have a testimonial page, most cannot be verified for authenticity. We are different; the reviews and testimonials (more than 500 of them) here are from actual workshop participants and are the exact same ones you'll find on our Facebook page.

What this means is that by visiting our Awesome Sites Facebook page (yes, go ahead, click the link), you will be able to see these same testimonials there and even click on the Facebook profile of each reviewer. You can therefore safely tell that they are real reviews from real people.

And that's why we can safely say ours is the most loved WordPress Web Design Training Course in Singapore, hands down!

  • Janice Chenling Avatar
    Janice Chenling
    positive review 

    Highly recommended! very good knowledge sharing lesson! Thanks to Andrew and Jackson! 😊😊

    Eds Ko Avatar
    Eds Ko
    positive review 

    The trainer Andrew is very knowledgeable and passionate about imparting his skills. And he knows how to engage an online... read more

    Miyazaki Erina Avatar
    Miyazaki Erina
    positive review 

    Went for the WordPress workshop and honestly enjoyed the class! The information taught was pretty easy to digest and I... read more

    June Teh Avatar
    June Teh
    positive review 

    As their name suggests, the awesome trainers, Andrew and partner taught me how to make an awesome looking website with... read more

    Evangeline Yeh Avatar
    Evangeline Yeh

    i attended Andrew's free workshop last night. in a world of gimmicks and up-sell from many "free" workshops, Andrew really... read more

    Philip Cu Avatar
    Philip Cu

    Very straightforward and informative teaching by Andrew. Learned concepts that will jumpstart my WP website building. Thanks for the free... read more

    Raj Malothra Avatar
    Raj Malothra
    positive review 

    “Thank you from bottom of my heart, Sir Andrew! You give the best of yourself to see others advance. I... read more

    Wee Shem Avatar
    Wee Shem
    positive review 

    Learn a lot about WordPress on day 1. The course is slow and steady, They "seriously" leave no men behind,... read more

    Ang Swee Kee Avatar
    Ang Swee Kee

    The trainer is open, honest and reasonable with his presentation of the course. I attended the 4 hour free basic... read more

    Udayan Mukherjee Avatar
    Udayan Mukherjee

    It shows good amt of effort is given to select the theme and the plug ins. I liked the statement... read more

    Lau Tian Ee Avatar
    Lau Tian Ee
    positive review 

    Attended via referral, very detailed and very dedicated to teach. I’m not inclined in IT yet after attending I can... read more

    Katherine Koh Avatar
    Katherine Koh
    positive review 

    Attended lesson on 11/3, zero knowlege about wordpress and gain a lot of knowlege thru out the session, Andrew is... read more

    Jessy Chan Avatar
    Jessy Chan
    positive review 

    It was a very information and fun session. By attending the WordPress foundation class, I would already been able to... read more

    Sounthira Rajan Avatar
    Sounthira Rajan

    Really worth the Time! Actually worth more than $250, if u compared to what he taught us with his expertise.... read more

    Serene Li Avatar
    Serene Li
    positive review 

    I have attended Awesome Sites WordPress course which is 2 days of fruitful sessions. Not only is the training clear... read more

    Phua Boon Wah Avatar
    Phua Boon Wah
    positive review 

    Attended the training by Awesome Sites and found it informative and methodically taught. Instructions are clear and well explained. The... read more

    Kevin Lim Avatar
    Kevin Lim
    positive review 

    Very knowledgeable and detail trainer. Highly recommend!

    Lucretius Goh Avatar
    Lucretius Goh
    positive review 

    awesome lesson !! Trainer Andrew Koh made the lesson very interesting by giving minor example in life

    Teo Cheep Lee Avatar
    Teo Cheep Lee
    positive review 

    Thank you Andrew.
    It's was indeed a good overview & step-by-step session.
    Most appreciates!🙏👏

    Christina Teh Avatar
    Christina Teh
    positive review 

    I wasn't sure what to expect but Andrew lives up to his promise and more. Even without going for the... read more

    Nivi Pra Avatar
    Nivi Pra
    positive review 

    Had attended Andrew's WordPress workshop some time ago, but just recently completed constructing the beta version of my magazine site.

    read more

    Anirda Anuar-Özen Avatar
    Anirda Anuar-Özen
    positive review 

    Highly recommended to join this course for those who wants to know about webpage designing. The trainer is knowledgeable and... read more

    Derrick Lee Avatar
    Derrick Lee
    positive review 

    Selfishless sharing and show patience for slow learners. Thanks and Keep it up. Cheers.

    Samuel Yeo Avatar
    Samuel Yeo
    positive review 

    Appropriately paced with thorough, patient and highly knowledgable trainer! Totally more than worth it! Thank you Andrew!

    Danny Urian Avatar
    Danny Urian
    positive review 

    Andrew have a well verse knowledge about WordPress, he will teach you with passion. Thumbs up! 👍 👍👍

    Christina Loh Avatar
    Christina Loh
    positive review 

    Attended ecommerce workshop today. very clear and excellent demonstration and training by Andrew. really benefited so much from the workshop!... read more

    Janet Lim Avatar
    Janet Lim
    positive review 

    I signed up with no expectation, as I just wanted a refresher course so that I can build my own... read more

    Sherry Chua Avatar
    Sherry Chua
    positive review 

    The lecturer is truly keen to teach if you are seriously there to learn.

    James Corin Avatar
    James Corin
    positive review 

    Can’t recommend enough. If you are interested in websites or have an idea for one or need one for your... read more

    Nathan Kong Avatar
    Nathan Kong
    positive review 

    Great intro into WordPress, didn’t know what to expect, the session was not only informative but it also gave a... read more

  • مهيمن مالك Avatar
    مهيمن مالك
    positive review 

    Awesome site , awesome trainer , awesome experience.. Andrew is very patience trainer. With his guidance now I could understand... read more

    Rachel SH Avatar
    Rachel SH
    positive review 

    Great teaching and sharing of the basics that you need to set up a WordPress site. Thank you Andrew.

    Siew Hong Avatar
    Siew Hong
    positive review 

    I think Andrew is very sincere n truthful in his teaching n sharing. Although I have not sign up for... read more

    Jayet Ng Avatar
    Jayet Ng
    positive review 

    Truly blessed to have attended this “awesome” workshop with Andrew who is sincere, direct, and honest. Been to a few... read more

    Chee Khiang Goh Avatar
    Chee Khiang Goh
    positive review 

    Andrew is my “go to” web design coach. Under his coaching for the past 2 days was indeed insightful. Sometimes... read more

    Jupe Wr Avatar
    Jupe Wr
    positive review 

    Any class you attend with Awesome Sites is giving out an information in an easy to listen format. Andrew Koh... read more

    Sue Yatee Avatar
    Sue Yatee
    positive review 

    Really recommended! 👍 It was well taught by Andrew who was very patient and very knowlegeable!! 👍👍

    Lucy Ng Avatar
    Lucy Ng
    positive review 

    Andrew is a fantastic teacher. he is committed to make sure all his students is able to follow his teaching.... read more

    Frances Lee Avatar
    Frances Lee
    positive review 

    Andrew, thank you for the informative FREE lesson on 18 Apr!

    K-Lynna Jiang Avatar
    K-Lynna Jiang
    positive review 

    Signed up two hours before the WP class start and no regret! Thanks Andrew fior the step by step guidance... read more

    Aan de Silva Avatar
    Aan de Silva

    Nothing is free in Singapore, but this is FREE. 😊 Awesome training on WordPress and I am confident to start... read more

    Avian Liang Avatar
    Avian Liang
    positive review 

    No scam. Andrew delivered what he had promised. If you have normal IQ, you will be able to get started... read more

    Diana Chew Avatar
    Diana Chew
    positive review 

    I learned a lot from Andrew, he is very acknowledge & sharing a lot of useful tips. It is value... read more

    Juliana Auw Avatar
    Juliana Auw
    positive review 

    Just completed a 2 days wordpress webinar course. It was eye opener for me. Everything was Awesome! Trainer is very... read more

    Claire Wong Avatar
    Claire Wong
    positive review 

    Attended a really AWESOME WordPress workshop and the key takeaway was invaluable beginners knowledge, tips & tricks to create a... read more

    Jason Han Avatar
    Jason Han

    Very informative preview session! Outstanding content and sincere trainer. I'll love to attend the actual training sessions if possible. Thanks 🙏

    Ho Wee Beng Avatar
    Ho Wee Beng
    positive review 

    REally good session. Learned a lot about wordpress. Great Trainer. Will encourage anyone to attend.

    Chow Wei Fong Avatar
    Chow Wei Fong
    positive review 

    Thank you Andrew and Jackson for the sessions. Lesson was worth more than the $39 you charge. Appreciate your sharing... read more

    Chong Poh Kiong Avatar
    Chong Poh Kiong

    Attended the 3-hours free WordPress class yesterday. Andrew is very nice and delivered it in a very simple and easy... read more

    C.s. Loy Avatar
    C.s. Loy
    positive review 

    Thank you Andrew and Jackson for the WP training the last 2 days. Clear step by step explanation. Tons of... read more

    Simon Oei Avatar
    Simon Oei
    positive review 

    Andrew is genuine teaching his very best based on his WordPress experience. Really learn custom design with many useful plugins.... read more

    Hui San Chan Avatar
    Hui San Chan
    positive review 

    Superb webinar. Both Andrew and Jackson are very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. The pace is perfect for all too.

    Shao Xi Avatar
    Shao Xi

    Attended the free 3 hour Basic WordPress workshop and was totally amazed why is there such a good deal still... read more

    Geetanjali Dogra Mehta Avatar
    Geetanjali Dogra Mehta
    positive review 

    Its a great class, very easy to follow and Andrew adds so much value to what he is teaching.

    Adelene Chow Avatar
    Adelene Chow
    positive review 

    Attended two days course and I find the lessons very detailed. Andrew is very patient and willing to impart his... read more

    Geraldine Ong Avatar
    Geraldine Ong
    positive review 

    personally, i didn't think i had much to lose at $39 if the course turned out to be bogus stunt... read more

    Jowe Kwek Avatar
    Jowe Kwek

    To all readers,

    I hope my sharing may be of use to some who have doubts registering the course.

    Firstly, i...
    read more

    Melvin Gan Avatar
    Melvin Gan
    positive review 

    Very good trainer who taught wordpress in detail.

    Anthony Yeap Avatar
    Anthony Yeap
    positive review 

    Best place to get started on WordPress from zero up. Keep up the good work and don't get discouraged by... read more

    Sky Yeo Avatar
    Sky Yeo
    positive review 

    I like the way the training is organized. Highly interactive and engaging from Andrew. Don't expect to be spoonfed. Rather... read more

  • 陈惠兴 Avatar
    positive review 

    The FREE training on WordPress by Andrew was well worth my time today. He is a skilled trainer who is... read more

    Kok Hwee Ang Avatar
    Kok Hwee Ang
    positive review 

    Thank you Andrew for your wonderful AdWords Workshop today. Your sharing of insights knowledge will definitely save my customers millions... read more

    Krissy Teo Avatar
    Krissy Teo
    positive review 

    Super grateful to come across this free wordpress basic workshop. If you were skeptical as I was (after all, if... read more

    Evelyn Ong Avatar
    Evelyn Ong
    positive review 

    This is real. Attended the WordPress Web Design Training Course. Basic class is valuable for everyone who really needs.... read more

    Keith Ng Avatar
    Keith Ng

    In a quick 3 hour session, I could understand how the basics of WordPress works and how everything comes in... read more

    Joycelyn Lim Avatar
    Joycelyn Lim
    positive review 

    Just attended the free WordPress course by Andrew Koh this afternoon. Supposedly 3 hours but it extended to waaay beyond... read more

    Uma Pandey Avatar
    Uma Pandey
    positive review 

    It was a very enriching class where the trainer, Andrew Koh, taught wordpress in detail from scratch and I'm glad... read more

    Jillian Lim Avatar
    Jillian Lim
    positive review 

    I came away from the 3-hour session learning a lot from Andrew, who is very sincere about wanting to impart... read more

    Roland Kam Avatar
    Roland Kam
    positive review 

    Attended the WP class. Good teaching and transparent teaching. Andrew is a very patient trainer along with Jackson's support. Am... read more

    Joanna See Avatar
    Joanna See
    positive review 

    This is the real deal! Andrew delivered everything he promised and more! I thought like some others, that it might... read more

    Salem Zulkeflee Avatar
    Salem Zulkeflee
    positive review 

    Really Awesome job by Andrew and Jackson. Great content with superb value. Ask anything about WordPress and all of your... read more

    Roslina Juri Avatar
    Roslina Juri
    positive review 

    Very informative and engaging two-day sessions.

    Ong Bee Lian Avatar
    Ong Bee Lian
    positive review 

    Attended the WordPress short course & gained valuable insights how to create website with the app. Highly recommended. 👍 to... read more

    Aura Ling Avatar
    Aura Ling
    positive review 

    Great insights and knowledge gained from the WordPress Seminar conducted by Andrew. Can't wait to learn to build my own websites.

    Kenix Lee Avatar
    Kenix Lee
    positive review 

    Awesome site is amazing, highly recommended WordPress Web Design Training Course. Basic class and Advanced class is valuable for everyone... read more

    Su Ying Avatar
    Su Ying
    positive review 

    Spent 5 hours to learn how to create a basic WordPress website and it’s totally free, awesome!

    Wilson Lum Avatar
    Wilson Lum
    positive review 

    Amazing course with an excellent trainer and support team. I never believe i can make an e-commerce website in such... read more

    凯伦 Avatar
    positive review 

    I didn't have much expectations from the 2 days Basic WordPress webinar class initially but was proven wrongly . The... read more

    Huraizah Kasim Avatar
    Huraizah Kasim
    positive review 

    down to earth and honest teaching. Very patient for mediocre learners

    Tan Peng Leong Avatar
    Tan Peng Leong

    3 hours of time on 8 May 2018 2 pm to 5 pm is well worth more than what you... read more

    Su YT Sophie Avatar
    Su YT Sophie
    positive review 

    Most highly recommended course. Andrew is a most patient trainer who would leave nobody behind no matter how rookie you... read more

    Gavin Tan Avatar
    Gavin Tan
    positive review 

    It was an informative and insightful workshop, at no cost to the attendee! It wasn’t a typical introductory workshop... read more

    Dione Ann Pereira Avatar
    Dione Ann Pereira
    positive review 

    Just attended the free WordPress workshop yesterday and I'm so glad I made it...I was about half an hour late... read more

    Deepthi Hegde Avatar
    Deepthi Hegde
    positive review 

    Thanks Andrew for sharing your knowledge and skills... greatly recommended

    Carol Hoon Avatar
    Carol Hoon
    positive review 

    Andrew is an amazing trainer! Although it is a complimentary training, he is all out to make sure we understood.... read more

    Glen Choi Avatar
    Glen Choi
    positive review 

    Well executed training. Managed to create my own website through the training. Strongly recommend.

    Raj Swaroop Avatar
    Raj Swaroop
    positive review 

    Thoroughly knowledgeable trainer and interesting course. I attended the 1 day WP basic session by Andrew and came back with... read more

    严宗 Avatar
    positive review 

    Have joined Awesomesites community for close to three years now.

    Even till today they is so much to learn. just attended...
    read more

    WeiSiang Mah Avatar
    WeiSiang Mah

    Attended the free WordPress preview. Informative and real world introduction to WordPress.

    Lauraine Lee Avatar
    Lauraine Lee
    positive review 

    I was a skeptic, but after having attended several of your classes I have decided to endorse your courses because... read more

  • Tricia-Ann Kee Avatar
    Tricia-Ann Kee
    positive review 

    Way exceeded my expectations. Definitely time well spent attending this 2-day course. Andrew is very knowledgeable. He went to great... read more

    Panny Poh-Wong Avatar
    Panny Poh-Wong
    positive review 

    Thanks! Definitely a legit free course. Good quality course. You have patiently helped me understand and know what needs to... read more

    Janie Wong Avatar
    Janie Wong
    positive review 

    WordPress training at Awesome Site is indeed awesome. Never expect a IT moo moo like me to understand the... read more

    Hao Yuan Avatar
    Hao Yuan
    positive review 

    Trainers Andrew and Jackson definitely know the WordPress stuff inside out and offer more hacks than one can learn from... read more

    Nicholas Ng Avatar
    Nicholas Ng

    Went for 2 WordPress Courses Previously, Spent About SGD500. Then Came Across The FB Ad For This Course By Mr.... read more

    Fun Fun Avatar
    Fun Fun
    positive review 

    I do not show my face on Facebook for ages. But because of Andrew, I'm here again. This guy rocks!

    Be Inspired Avatar
    Be Inspired
    positive review 

    Layman insights to commence building a website.

    Sebastian Tan Avatar
    Sebastian Tan
    positive review 

    Yes. I will recommend without doubt. I am sure each participant will not only learn and would be able to... read more

    Tianming Chen Avatar
    Tianming Chen
    positive review 

    Of course some say there is no free lunch in this world, but what Andrew wants from the participants after... read more

    Wilfred Kang Avatar
    Wilfred Kang
    positive review 

    Thanks Andrew and Jackson for this course! it definitely benefited me! 😊👍

    Wesley Wong Avatar
    Wesley Wong
    positive review 

    It is the best course I have attended so far. You get more than you paid for. Trainer is patience... read more

    Adrian Lim Yin Ming Avatar
    Adrian Lim Yin Ming
    positive review 

    Attended yesterday , really great for beginner who wanted to start doing own webpage , is totally free with no... read more

    Mark Blackchay Avatar
    Mark Blackchay
    positive review 

    Awesome sites have been really helpful and understanding. At first I was skeptical about doing the online course, but Andrew... read more

    Maisey Grace Avatar
    Maisey Grace
    positive review 

    Interesting, easy to understand lesson on basic wordpress.

    Henry Phua Avatar
    Henry Phua
    positive review 

    Awesome dual who provided comprehensive coaching and exhibited absolute professionalism even outside classroom teaching (Zoom) and lots of patient. And... read more

    Jeff Toh Avatar
    Jeff Toh
    positive review 

    This is definitely a very value-for-money WordPress design course. If you are looking for such a course, this is the... read more

    Grace Loo Avatar
    Grace Loo
    positive review 

    I attended the session yesterday. He cleared many of my questions on WordPress. It is no more confusing, WP... read more

    Vella Koh Avatar
    Vella Koh

    Truly enjoyed this WordPress course even though I’m not an IT savvy person, somehow i am able to understand what’s... read more

    Sebastian Ong Avatar
    Sebastian Ong

    Just like many others, was thinking what are they selling, but thought no loss to see what's up their sleeve.... read more

    Lim Wan Cheng April Avatar
    Lim Wan Cheng April

    Andrew was a bit long-winded and repetitive... but overall he covered various useful and practical aspects of WordPress very comprehensively.... read more

    Pameela Kea Avatar
    Pameela Kea

    Went for the 3hrs WordPress training. IT IS REALLY FREE and so informational that I can't wait to start my... read more

    Yaz LizZid Avatar
    Yaz LizZid
    positive review 

    Awesome stuff from awesome Andrew. The value of this course was beyond words. It’s very rare to stumble into such... read more

    Lvin Tan Avatar
    Lvin Tan
    positive review 

    Awesome sites is indeed awesome! Very passionate with teaching and generous sharing. Have gain not just WordPress knowledges but also... read more

    Soon Keng Chan Avatar
    Soon Keng Chan

    I had an eye opening session on how to develop my first website yesterday; the trainer is none other than... read more

    Hanna Pham Avatar
    Hanna Pham
    positive review 

    Highly recommended. Andrew is knowledgeable and answer all questions with helpful advice.

    Annie Wong Avatar
    Annie Wong
    positive review 

    I just completed Andrew's training yesterday. It was an awesome experience to create my own webpage which I can never... read more

    Deborah Ang Avatar
    Deborah Ang

    Thanks Andrew for the generous sharing. You are detailed and patient. I had gained much from the event yesterday. Much... read more

    Jerry Boyle Avatar
    Jerry Boyle
    positive review 

    very reasonable price and easy to understand during coaching 🙏🏼

    Thecla Teo Avatar
    Thecla Teo

    Andrew was true to his word and my friend and I learnt the basic technique to launch our own WP... read more

    Edwin Sim Avatar
    Edwin Sim

    You get what you sign up for. Especially useful for those who are totally new or just have signed up... read more

  • YM Sia Avatar
    YM Sia
    positive review 

    Super value for money! Will not hesitate to recommend this course to friends!

    Sz Teo Avatar
    Sz Teo
    positive review 

    Excellence and simple to understand WordPress class by Andrew, highly recommend to those who’s keen to learn how to create... read more

    Sreeni Vasan Avatar
    Sreeni Vasan
    positive review 

    good knowledge sharing , good value for money

    Ethan Goh Avatar
    Ethan Goh
    positive review 

    Throughly enjoyed andrew's class. Shared insights about how a website can be professionally customized and created. 2 days with andrew... read more

    Daniel Ng Avatar
    Daniel Ng

    Saw WordPress course's advertisement in my facebook and decided to sign up since it's FREE and also having the mindset... read more

    OH Happyman Avatar
    OH Happyman
    positive review 

    WordPress online webinar. Good Training !

    Shem Berman Avatar
    Shem Berman

    I use wordpress for my blog but I didn't want to pass up on a free tutorial. =) Though... read more

    Beutifoo Soule Avatar
    Beutifoo Soule

    Yes it's for real and for free! Good basic knowledge and no strings attached. Had gone to the workshop with... read more

    Rami Rameshkumar Thanikachalam Avatar
    Rami Rameshkumar Thanikachalam
    positive review 

    Trainer Andrew: Well versed knowledgeable person and very helpful to answer doubts. Easy to understand the content.

    Jasper Tan Avatar
    Jasper Tan
    positive review 

    Great training by Andrew Koh. Some may dislike it but I do agree to a certain extent that you do... read more

    Seorean Pulse Avatar
    Seorean Pulse
    positive review 

    Today, I attended part 1 of Awesome Sites first online lesson conducted by Andrew. I managed to learn the very... read more

    Gunther Netza Avatar
    Gunther Netza
    positive review 

    good lecturer..vast knowledge in WordPress .will sure sign up for advance wordpress

    Gena Zhuo Avatar
    Gena Zhuo
    positive review 

    Thanks Andrew for your patience and heartwork. Great sharing! Thumbs Up👍

    Ashoka Kalgude Avatar
    Ashoka Kalgude

    I attended Free WordPress course, Got Useful inputs Very knowledgeable in word press. No hard-selling and very honest throughout. However... read more

    Pirakas Ayyakkannu Avatar
    Pirakas Ayyakkannu
    positive review 

    I highly recommend this 3 hours workshop now i have basic knowledge of wordpress and how to create website. Thank... read more

    Elisa Poh Avatar
    Elisa Poh
    positive review 

    Very comprehensive and detailed course. Andrew is knowledgeable and he make sure all of us understand and apply what we... read more

    Steven Sng Avatar
    Steven Sng
    positive review 

    Attended the free WordPress training and was highly impressed by Andrew’s technical knowledge and practical experiences in the field of... read more

    Esther Ng Avatar
    Esther Ng
    positive review 

    Very detailed and patient. Value for money.

    Evelyn Lim Avatar
    Evelyn Lim
    positive review 

    it is simple. Everyone can learn. I am very luck to know about it.Thank you Andrew.

    John Beh Avatar
    John Beh
    positive review 

    If you want to learn how to use WordPress to create amazing websites this is the course to go to.... read more

    Siti Aminah Abu Bakar Avatar
    Siti Aminah Abu Bakar
    positive review 

    The price for the knowledge blows my mind. Indeed Andrew is Awesome. I am looking forward to signing up for... read more

    Peh Teck Chong Avatar
    Peh Teck Chong
    positive review 

    An awesome experience attending the WordPress courses by Andrew and Jackson. They have provided so much value and support to... read more

    Sharon Low Avatar
    Sharon Low
    positive review 

    Awesome sites ! Awesome organisers !
    I highly recommend whoever wish to take up a skill in Website setup. ...
    read more

    Min King Avatar
    Min King

    we have many bad experience. i have attended andrew seo class and wordpress training. He wants students to learn... read more

    Lee Siow Yeun Avatar
    Lee Siow Yeun
    positive review 

    good investment for me especially for beginner , appreciate the lecturer, he is clear and patient

    Lim Candy Avatar
    Lim Candy
    positive review 

    Gain a fruitful knowledge on how to setup your own website and selling online. Thanks Andrew Koh.

    Evonne Lyn Lee Avatar
    Evonne Lyn Lee
    positive review 

    insightful learning with real case examples with after-class support. Particularly useful for those wanting to build their own websites... read more

    Thein Li Yee Avatar
    Thein Li Yee
    positive review 

    I have totally no background or knowledge on Web Design. After attended this Basic WordPress course, I gained a... read more

    Winnie Tey Avatar
    Winnie Tey
    positive review 

    Thank you so much Andrew for your patience in class! Always ensuring that no one is left behind! I’m pc... read more

    Michael Tan Avatar
    Michael Tan
    positive review 

    3 hour lecture is free and informative and practical.

  • Vicky Dhas Avatar
    Vicky Dhas
    positive review 

    Great trainer and never give up to make concepts cleared. Appreciate and recommend students and pros to follow him.

    Shirley Ong Avatar
    Shirley Ong
    positive review 

    Simple to follow, content packed course. Dont fear starting my website now!

    Jessie Yeo Avatar
    Jessie Yeo
    positive review 

    Just completed a 2-day workshop on WordPress on Awesome Sites and have to say it was very informative and certainly... read more

    Wu Zhimin Avatar
    Wu Zhimin
    positive review 

    Andrew changed the 1 day class from live to webinar format because of the Covid19 situation. Learnt a lot.... read more

    Chiew Gin Ren Avatar
    Chiew Gin Ren
    positive review 

    Learned so much from these awesome teaching and sharing on WordPress and website. Thank you very much and greatly appreciate... read more

    Andy Cheng Avatar
    Andy Cheng
    positive review 

    This is awesome. I have zero experience in online webpage designing. Rarely glad i come to this lesson. I can... read more

    Abhiruchi Mittal Avatar
    Abhiruchi Mittal
    positive review 

    I signed up for WordPress class to learn how to make website. It was very useful class. I learnt a... read more

    Sook Yee Jolene Avatar
    Sook Yee Jolene
    positive review 

    Awesomesites with awesome classes! I learnt so much from the trainers! Try and witness yourself!

    Michelle Tay Avatar
    Michelle Tay
    positive review 

    Very impressively good & I learn alot of knowledge about wordpress as a newbie. Thumbs up!!

    Ricky Bangun Avatar
    Ricky Bangun
    positive review 

    Well worth my time. Andrew is a very patient teacher, and very knowledgable. I joined the webinar, and learned a... read more

    Gary Tan Joy Tan Avatar
    Gary Tan Joy Tan

    I attended the 24th April afternoon free 3-hour session.. I have zero knowledge of Word press, But Andrew had teach... read more

    Toh Jing Yi Avatar
    Toh Jing Yi
    positive review 

    I was very impressed with the professionalism of Andrew. He debunked the myth that free courses are not worth the... read more

    Sharlene Lim Avatar
    Sharlene Lim
    positive review 

    if you are looking for a sincere and genuine trainer, to help teach you how to create a website, then... read more

    Stella Fernandez Avatar
    Stella Fernandez
    positive review 

    THANK YOU ANDREW: I am now able to use wordpress more effectively to build my website

    Sereen Teh Avatar
    Sereen Teh
    positive review 

    很棒!谢谢 Andrew Koh 你的风趣教学,简单又明了,让我这个 零基础的,都明白。谢谢你!而且还是免费的。谢谢你的付出,时间和精力。

    Athan Lim Avatar
    Athan Lim

    Thanks Andrew for teaching me how to create websites using WordPress and various useful plugins such as Beaver Builder etc.... read more

    Wang Kak Cheong Avatar
    Wang Kak Cheong

    Very sincere sharing. Workshop is free as stated, no strings attached. Andrew simplify the steps and have very... read more

    Francis Ang Avatar
    Francis Ang
    positive review 

    Today i save $350 after attending this session. Have a great start understanding wordpress. Will pursue further.

    Cleo Seow Avatar
    Cleo Seow
    positive review 

    attended an informative talk by Andrew. the good and the bad things about the internet world. I like... read more

    Gopi Divecha Avatar
    Gopi Divecha
    positive review 

    Nice Webinar on WordPress ..!

    Magdalene Ho Avatar
    Magdalene Ho
    positive review 

    very detailed step-by-step instructions

    Joseph Tan Avatar
    Joseph Tan

    Thanks Andrew for the effort you are putting in now to provide free training for WordPress. To those who are... read more

    Vyvian Yap Avatar
    Vyvian Yap
    positive review 

    For the price, the trainers Andrew and Jackson are putting in so much effort in putting together a 2-day course... read more

    Stephanie Soh Avatar
    Stephanie Soh
    positive review 

    I have zero knowledge on Web Design and was skeptical about attending the free WordPress workshop yesterday . But it... read more

    Kathleen Kwan Avatar
    Kathleen Kwan
    positive review 

    learnt a lot about wordpress during this free workshop. andrew teaches clearly and comprehensively.

    Eugenia Quek Avatar
    Eugenia Quek
    positive review 

    Truly passionate coach and honest knowledge sharing on WordPress. Awesome workshop for newbies without any hardsell or pressure. The 3... read more

    Melissa Liew Avatar
    Melissa Liew
    positive review 

    Awesome trainer at such an affordable price. I am very amazed at how detailed he is in training. Highly recommended!!

    Diana Li Wanxin Avatar
    Diana Li Wanxin
    positive review 

    Today I just attended the class on introduction to web page design. Trainer Mr Andrew Koh is very knowledgeable &... read more

    Eric Sim Avatar
    Eric Sim
    positive review 

    it solve most of my basic query for wordpress.

    Avenis Anne Avatar
    Avenis Anne

    I totally appreciate the FREE (almost) 4hours session on the WordPress.

    The lecturer (Andrew) is always willing to to take...
    read more

  • Alexander Ang Avatar
    Alexander Ang

    Hi Andrew, appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge and even stayed till close to 12 midnight to further clarified... read more

    Princesshana Lo Avatar
    Princesshana Lo
    positive review 

    Glad that i have sign up the course. have learnt new knowledge & skill within a relatively short period of... read more

    HY Michi Avatar
    HY Michi
    positive review 

    A brilliant trainer on both courses by Andrew.The level of detail is much appreciated and i feel so much more... read more

    Gi Jane Avatar
    Gi Jane
    positive review 

    For $12 full day course, i was so happy that i got the chance to learn to build up a... read more

    BelBel Belinda Avatar
    BelBel Belinda
    positive review 

    Personally enjoyed this class a lot! Affordable 2 days training plus it’s easy to understand on how to use WordPress,... read more

    David Ho Avatar
    David Ho
    positive review 

    I have attended many previews on WordPress, website builder, Internet Marketing etc. etc. and etc. and what they want you... read more

    Rochelle Tan Wooy Wooy Avatar
    Rochelle Tan Wooy Wooy
    positive review 

    Very good WordPress website training class that no one teaching just like him

    Shirley Goh Avatar
    Shirley Goh
    positive review 

    Excellent WordPress course. Learned a lot and. Thank you for your time!

    Yvonne Goh Avatar
    Yvonne Goh
    positive review 

    说实在, 因为免费所以我才去“听看看“,心想如果是骗人的大不了走人....结果不只上完免费的课, 还上了3天深入课程, 还会继续上其他课程...讲师Andrew 讲解浅白, 一步一步的教,你会了才进入下一步.让英语不是很好的我很容易跟上. 总的来说他们不是骗人的, 只要你是真心想学他们真心的教.
    Thank you Andrew.
    Thank you Jackson.

    Lee Soon Leong Avatar
    Lee Soon Leong
    positive review 

    Yes, thank you to both Andrew and Jackson for their professional ethics to impart and instill knowledge and application in... read more

    Yvonne Pore Avatar
    Yvonne Pore
    positive review 

    It is indeed awesome attending Awesome sites training by Andrew. 👍
    Andrew is one of the best trainer you can go...
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    Anthony Eng Avatar
    Anthony Eng
    positive review 

    Genuine learning and comprehensive coverage.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Sushama Jarange Avatar
    Sushama Jarange
    positive review 

    It's really very good for those who are fresher also for the intermediator to get to know more deeper things.... read more

    Clayton Tan Avatar
    Clayton Tan
    positive review 

    My experience with the team from Awesomesites has been very positive. They are honest, sincere and patient.

    If you always wanted...
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    Amir SG Avatar
    Amir SG

    Andrew, u r the best coach that I have seen so far. "Posb inspiration". I loike that "quote".My wife will... read more

    Mervyn Yau Avatar
    Mervyn Yau
    positive review 

    Class was entertaining, Andrew was detailed and responded to all the enquiries we had. He is very knowledgable on what... read more

    Tay Lilian Avatar
    Tay Lilian
    positive review 

    I am thankful that I attended the WordPress training yesterday, 20dec2018 that lasted from 1pm till about 6:30pm. Nearly... read more

    Janet Koh Avatar
    Janet Koh
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    Today is the 1st day I join this class. The trainer Andrew was very detailed & patient in sharing knowledge... read more

    Lawrence Chia Avatar
    Lawrence Chia
    positive review 

    Highly recommended for beginners as trainer is very engaging and willing to share. Able to break down to bite size... read more

    Jeremy Ng KL Avatar
    Jeremy Ng KL

    Just attended Andrew's workshop. It's awesome! It really taught you the basics of building a website. For those who think... read more

    Envy Lu Avatar
    Envy Lu
    positive review 

    Passionate and genuine trainers. Really learnt a lot from this 2day course. Definitely worth your time and money. Highly recommended 👍🏻👍🏻

    Jojo Boquiren Avatar
    Jojo Boquiren

    I attended the free preview last night (Aug 23) and what I learned painfully by myself in building a basic... read more

    Charu Mehrotra Avatar
    Charu Mehrotra

    It was a great learning experience at WordPress Workshop organized by Awesome Sites. I am grateful to Andrew for presenting... read more

    Lee Yee Yern Avatar
    Lee Yee Yern
    positive review 

    Very detailed in the teachings and Andrew and Jackson are both professional and very willing to share their knowledge.

    read more

    Kee Tsui Avatar
    Kee Tsui
    positive review 

    Excellent WordPress course. Learned a lot and gained wisdom too. Thank you!

    Cai You Jia Avatar
    Cai You Jia

    Andrew is very open in sharing his industry knowledge. Learnt a lot in that short time!

    Darryl Sng Avatar
    Darryl Sng
    positive review 

    Solid lesson. Andrew is a great coach and extremely patient dude. The lesson is well worth it! Even signed up... read more

    Jasmine Yau Avatar
    Jasmine Yau
    positive review 

    I'm not really a smart or very fast learner. so at first was worried that I couldn't understand or caught... read more

    Gina Ho Avatar
    Gina Ho

    I attended the 12th Dec afternoon free 3-hour session. Excellent delivery. I have IT background and been through some online... read more

    Calvin Wong Avatar
    Calvin Wong
    positive review 

    Awesome and good learning lesson for beginner.

  • Jeanette Goh Avatar
    Jeanette Goh

    Just attended the free class today. I would say it's as awesome as their name states. Learnt a lot today... read more

    David Teng Avatar
    David Teng
    positive review 

    Excellent trainer with well-paced schedule and relentless effort to ensure no one falls behind.

    Yi Zhuang Avatar
    Yi Zhuang

    After attending this free course on WordPress, i think i dont have to go for the one i paid for anymore

    Anand Thiagarajoo Avatar
    Anand Thiagarajoo
    positive review 

    The coaches are really great. I learned a valuable knowledge which can be carry out thru out my life. Highly... read more

    Sharath Manohar Rao Avatar
    Sharath Manohar Rao
    positive review 

    Want to know a to z of website? Andrew is the go to man. Learned lot of things from his training.

    Alfaizz Tuition Avatar
    Alfaizz Tuition
    positive review 

    Great value for money unbeatable

    Mary Grace Blas Avatar
    Mary Grace Blas
    positive review 

    the training is good, i learn a lot, they make sure y'all understand everything clearly, low price for a... read more

    Lebossy Teo Avatar
    Lebossy Teo

    I have already recommended 5 of my contacts to learn from Andrew. He adds value to the society for... read more

    Frances Lee Avatar
    Frances Lee
    positive review 

    First attended the free half day WordPress course followed by 2 days wordpress hands on workshop. Thereafter another full day... read more

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    Estee Ling
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    Andrew has very good knowledge on what he coaches. Definitely learned alot from his WordPress Workshop! Was amazed with the... read more

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    Ai Na Wee
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    Attended the WordPress Basic Training. The 3hr session is very informative and Andrew uses demonstration to show how to build... read more

    Kevin Yap Avatar
    Kevin Yap
    positive review 

    Excellent Coach. Learned alot in just two days. Highly recommended and no coding skills required

    Suzanne Khoo Avatar
    Suzanne Khoo
    positive review 

    Awesome course ! Awesome trainer, Andrew Koh ! My precious weekend is definitely well spent gaining great knowledge... read more

    Khalid Khan Avatar
    Khalid Khan
    positive review 

    Best kind of website trainer to learn from! Love the fact that he only continues on to the next step... read more

    Jenny Lie Avatar
    Jenny Lie
    positive review 

    Andrew is highly knowledgeable and systematic in his teaching. I am still amazed how reasonable his courses are priced because... read more

    Allain Therese Tan Avatar
    Allain Therese Tan

    I'm glad i attended the free workshop conducted by Awesome Sites last night. I've always been interested in WordPress and... read more

    Vivian Kwek Avatar
    Vivian Kwek

    Andrew epitomises the concept of leaders give.

    I attended his free WordPress Workshop this afternoon and was impressed not only...
    read more

    Ryan Lim Avatar
    Ryan Lim
    positive review 

    Had attended numerous e-learning courses during circuit breaker and only halfway through, this is already the most enriching one that... read more

    Puinee Ng Avatar
    Puinee Ng
    positive review 

    strongly recommend to attend the class. time well spent. No hard selling unlike some of the courses offered elsewhere. ... read more

    Louis Wong Avatar
    Louis Wong

    It was a great workshop, Andrew has answered all my questions on WP and provided me with a step-by-step procedure... read more

    Adeline Tan Avatar
    Adeline Tan
    positive review 

    Andrew is a very honest and awesome coach. I was intrigued by his sharing on thefutureofus.sg and joined his basic... read more

    Wong Wan Chin Avatar
    Wong Wan Chin
    positive review 

    5 stars
    Thank you for the sincere sharing.Andrew is clear, to the point and make Website building a very easy...
    read more

    Izz Ko Avatar
    Izz Ko
    positive review 

    Brilliant, refreshing and genuine! I'd expected only to learn the basics of WordPress, but Andrew went way beyond that to... read more

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    Kang Shwu Shya
    positive review 

    Awesome class and trainer. Highly recommend if you would to know more on WorrPress knowledge

    Ohm AU Avatar
    Ohm AU
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    I was pleasantly surprised about this course. It was really easy to understand. Andrew was very patient and no one... read more

    XinYi Lian Avatar
    XinYi Lian
    positive review 

    Am a re-sit student, been with them since 2018. Thank you for the free re-sit, I am now ready to... read more

    CW David Avatar
    CW David
    positive review 

    Andrew is knowledgeable and above all - very willing and generous to share. Indeed this is a free talk that... read more

    Benjamin Tan Avatar
    Benjamin Tan
    positive review 

    Love how funny and humble Andrew is when he gave the course. really very sincere in guiding us patiently in... read more

    Kim Ns Avatar
    Kim Ns

    Overwhelming Value.

    Mukit Ang Avatar
    Mukit Ang
    positive review 

    attended 18/Mar class. Like you, $12 sounds like another scam in the market. Having attended internet marketing course sometime ago,... read more

  • Eugene Tan Avatar
    Eugene Tan
    positive review 

    Very structured training.. Both Andrew and Jackson are very professional and knowledgeable. Support is awesome too.. Highly recommended!

    Poh Teik Heng Avatar
    Poh Teik Heng
    positive review 

    Thank you Andrew for an awesome class tonight.

    Rose May Avatar
    Rose May
    positive review 

    I attended this basic course in the last 2 days, after reading the good reviews that Awesome Sites has. ... read more

    Pauline Goh Avatar
    Pauline Goh
    positive review 

    Andrew is a awesome trainer, who is very patient and passionate in teaching. I learnt a lot from him throughout... read more

    Roger Ebs Avatar
    Roger Ebs
    positive review 

    Appreciate for your time and your class is excellent! Enjoyed it very much! 🙂

    Francis Tan Avatar
    Francis Tan
    positive review 

    I attended the Basic WordPress training yesterday. There was no fanciful presentation, no difficult-to-understand technical jargon, no gimmicks and no... read more

    Wan Mei Avatar
    Wan Mei

    I have just attended Andrew's free class. I must say its AWESOME! Very informative and keen to share everything we... read more

    Hwee Sian Avatar
    Hwee Sian
    positive review 

    No SCAM!!!
    Mind blowing knowledge shared. Unbelievable that I could built a website with so simple steps. I was even more...
    read more

    Sean Goh Avatar
    Sean Goh
    positive review 

    For only $12, this is indeed a very good value WordPress course where you get to learn from a... read more

    Nurul Qariema Avatar
    Nurul Qariema
    positive review 

    I was reluctant to pay the sgd39 because too good charges are hardly true. but they are really pay peanuts... read more

    Agnes Tung Avatar
    Agnes Tung
    positive review 

    It is just Day 1 of class and I am already so blown away by Andrew and Jackson dedication to... read more

    李思傑 Avatar

    as first i think it was scam.. even when i reach the door step... i still thinking should i go... read more

    Ray Burn Avatar
    Ray Burn
    positive review 

    Thanks for the free sharing. I have certainly gotten a number of pointers.

    End of the day: I must put...
    read more

    Vincent Poh Avatar
    Vincent Poh
    positive review 

    If you are seriously looking for a Great Coach who is willing to wholeheartedly and sincerely to impart his skill... read more

    Lee Sze Ing Avatar
    Lee Sze Ing
    positive review 

    Absolutely awesome! The lessons are very knowledgeable and practical which are definitely useful in helping me to design my site.... read more

    Frost Kang Avatar
    Frost Kang
    positive review 

    Useful pointers and detailed explanation that I believe none will feel lost.

    Cheryl Lee Avatar
    Cheryl Lee
    positive review 

    Completed the basis WordPress webinar training over the past 2 days and I must say it totally exceeded my expectations!... read more

    Matthew Ng Avatar
    Matthew Ng
    positive review 

    Very knowledgeable, very patient, offers not only web design advise but business advise. You get more value than you pay... read more

    Mary Mah Avatar
    Mary Mah
    positive review 

    Thanks Andrew & Jackson for the 2 days of valuable eye-opening lecture on internet literacy, awareness and real life's lessons... read more

    Chris Chris Avatar
    Chris Chris
    positive review 

    When the 1st time I saw this course on FB, I was hesitating if this is real. But I... read more

    Lay Yong Avatar
    Lay Yong

    Andrew shares from the heart, and he is generous in giving his knowledge. He understands the value of reaching to... read more

    Erlena Tan Avatar
    Erlena Tan
    positive review 

    I learnt alot in the 2-day wordpress course. Confident enough to build my own website. Andrew is also an entertaining... read more

    Joreen Lin Avatar
    Joreen Lin

    Just went for the free course for 3hours, worth it. Thanks, looking forward for the 2 days course.

    Zhi Yin Liow Avatar
    Zhi Yin Liow
    positive review 

    Definitely worth your time to join any of their classes!
    Wordpress no longer confusing and difficult thanks to the awesome coach....
    read more

    Lily Tan Tan Tan Avatar
    Lily Tan Tan Tan

    Attended the free 3hrs session last week.

    Yes, it’s really free!

    Mohd Rosle Ahmad Avatar
    Mohd Rosle Ahmad
    positive review 

    Immensely edifying workshop considering it's gratis. Thank you to Andrew for generously sharing his know-how on WordPress, experience and insights... read more

    Simon Yeo Avatar
    Simon Yeo
    positive review 

    The free training is good and easy to understand. Real basic teaching on wordpress. Thank you Andrew.

    Cindy Lai Avatar
    Cindy Lai

    Attended the free 2 pm training course today (30/1/2018). As a novice. I learnt a lot from Andrew who... read more

    Anna Denysenko Avatar
    Anna Denysenko
    positive review 

    Informative, easy to understand, well conducted class!

    Vivian Koh Avatar
    Vivian Koh

    Thank You Andrew for sharing so much valuable insight in his 3 hrs free workshop. Encourage anybody keen to learn... read more

  • Emmanuel Lassalle Avatar
    Emmanuel Lassalle
    positive review 

    I really enjoyed the workshop, because I learnt many things. The workshop was conducted by Andrew Koh. It was clear,... read more

    Han Eunice Avatar
    Han Eunice
    positive review 

    Thank you so much for 2-day WP training with Andrew. I highly recommended. 👍

    Christine Lee Avatar
    Christine Lee
    positive review 

    Went in with skeptisism about how much can be cover in the 3 hours and if WordPress is really that... read more

    Jonathan Siah Avatar
    Jonathan Siah

    Andrew is passionate on his delivery and does not mind extending the time and educating. A professional!

    Shawn Lim Avatar
    Shawn Lim
    positive review 

    Great course for learning the fundamentals of creating a basic website. Will be going for his advanced course.

    Don't be...
    read more

    Vincent Wong Avatar
    Vincent Wong
    positive review 

    Highly recommended trainer. Andrew is very patient in the class and make sure everyone follows closely to the syllabus and... read more

    Travis Saw Avatar
    Travis Saw

    Indeed, after the class, building a site is easy. No hard sell of anything and can really learn something useful.... read more

    Chrisline Christabella Quah Avatar
    Chrisline Christabella Quah

    1st I would like to thank my friend @GinaHo who intro tis workshop to me. It certainly helped me by... read more

    Marseone Uzairulfah Avatar
    Marseone Uzairulfah
    positive review 

    Great info and new knowledge gain. Really need this for my business. Whenever you free just drop by stall no.3... read more

    Alex Tan Avatar
    Alex Tan
    positive review 

    Andrew was patient and incredibly generous with his training. He delivered what he promised and so much more. I can't... read more

    Shradha Gursingh Narang Avatar
    Shradha Gursingh Narang
    positive review 

    The course is good and helpful for people who want to learn basic WordPress. Thank you Andrew for patiently answering... read more

    Joshua Tan Avatar
    Joshua Tan
    positive review 

    The course is better than those which are offered at an expensive price outside.

    Andrew teaches from the heart and...
    read more

    Charlene Yang Avatar
    Charlene Yang
    positive review 

    Legit lesson with a generous and knowledgeable teacher! Learnt a lot from the 3-4hr lesson! Thanks Andrew!

    Ying Xuan Tan Avatar
    Ying Xuan Tan
    positive review 

    Attended the 1 day basic WP and 3 days Advanced WP and 1 day Woocommerce so far!

    Super glad to chance...
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    Jeisilan Sivalingam Avatar
    Jeisilan Sivalingam
    positive review 

    These are the Good Guys! Worth it!

    Paru Subra Avatar
    Paru Subra
    positive review 

    Andrews 2 day word press course was very informative and useful. Great experience. Andrew is a very patient teacher. Highly... read more

    Aaron Quek Avatar
    Aaron Quek
    positive review 

    Thanks, Andrew for the Basic WordPress Webinar via Zoom. It was very detail and covered each step progressively through zoom.... read more

    Ricardo Jose Paraguya Avatar
    Ricardo Jose Paraguya
    positive review 

    I live in TORONTO, CANADA, but im a Singaporean.

    My childhood friend from Singapore recommended Awesome Sites to me. I was...
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    Murshidah Mohd Avatar
    Murshidah Mohd
    positive review 

    Great stuff! Andrew Koh is genuine, funny, honest and forthcoming. He made WordPress easy to understand and i picked up... read more

    Rayden Nyoe Avatar
    Rayden Nyoe
    positive review 

    Recommended! Awesomesites is probably the most authentic online course I have encountered. Shoutout to Andrew & Jackson for providing... read more

    Theophilus Lai Jun Jie Avatar
    Theophilus Lai Jun Jie
    positive review 

    Had a 2 days WordPress training with Andrew. He is really patient and very detail in his training. Highly recommended... read more

    Chan Chee Seng Avatar
    Chan Chee Seng
    positive review 

    Andrew is an awesome guy who shared real solid training.


    Jocelyn Chua Avatar
    Jocelyn Chua
    positive review 

    Highly recommend this extremely clear, guided and informative 2-day workshop. The website building skills taught were immediately useable and very... read more

    Kym Yeo Avatar
    Kym Yeo

    For any beginners this is a must-attend course preview which gives you a good overall picture of using WordPress. Andrew,... read more

    Agnes Gunn Avatar
    Agnes Gunn

    A truly Awesome workshop� what really hit me is the authencity of Andrew Koh...truly transparent and matter a fact in... read more

    Edwin Chua Avatar
    Edwin Chua
    positive review 

    Attended the afternoon session yesterday. The 3 hour free class became almost 6 hours. Andrew is very enthusiastic to teach... read more

    Renga Naidu Avatar
    Renga Naidu
    positive review 

    Very interesting personality. Mr Andrew Koh is downright honest and so willing to share! i learnt alot in just... read more

    Jay Khialani Avatar
    Jay Khialani
    positive review 

    Very good course, good value for money

    Hwa Lew Avatar
    Hwa Lew
    positive review 

    Highly recommended website course. Andrew is selflessly imparting his knowledge to us!

    Yow Bingwen Richmond Avatar
    Yow Bingwen Richmond
    positive review 

    Trainer Andrew is fantastic. One of the best online trainers i met. I am impressed with his patience, he ensure... read more

  • Kj You Avatar
    Kj You
    positive review 

    To be honest, never expect that I will go this far with Awesome Sites. All the truthfully sharing, concepts and... read more

    Celine Pinko Chua Avatar
    Celine Pinko Chua
    positive review 

    It is incredible to offer the basic outline course for only $12/-. It sound so impossible but it happened! Andrew... read more

    Kayden Lee Avatar
    Kayden Lee
    positive review 

    Andrew answers all the questions that we asked. His lessons are very engaging. I enjoyed it a lot. He is... read more

    Thomas Koh Avatar
    Thomas Koh

    I attended Andrew free workshop yesterday and found it very informative even though I already have prior experience in setting... read more

    Jessie J K Propnex Avatar
    Jessie J K Propnex
    positive review 

    Very wonderful learning 💕

    Alex Wong Avatar
    Alex Wong

    Very comprehensive, practical and easy to learn in this 3 hours workshop.. it is Free 3 hours workshop unbelievable but... read more

    Casper Chin Avatar
    Casper Chin

    I went for the WordPress course a week back and felt that the course had been really informative. In fact,... read more

    Martin M. Wong Avatar
    Martin M. Wong
    positive review 

    Kudos to Trainer Andrew who is very patient to all in class (via Zoom). His programme is full of contents... read more

    Marcus Miao Avatar
    Marcus Miao

    I went for the workshop yesterday conducted by Andrew feeling skeptical on what would be offered during the class. My... read more

    Clara Chan Avatar
    Clara Chan
    positive review 

    Took several courses, including the WordPress 2 day course (paid) and the introduction to Woocommerce (foc). Greatly appreciate that they... read more

    Lydia Yeow Avatar
    Lydia Yeow
    positive review 

    Attended the course with my teenage son. We enjoyed the session & it was very informative and useful. Time well spent!

    Shellen Chai Avatar
    Shellen Chai
    positive review 

    This is thus far the best online, hands-on, interactive course that I have attended so far ! It’s the lowest... read more

    Aarti Sharma Avatar
    Aarti Sharma

    Workshop was very knowledgeable! Andrew made everything so easy that I was able to compile the wordpress techniques efficiently!

    Fook Kong Tang Avatar
    Fook Kong Tang
    positive review 

    Andrew's willingness to teach, & sharing of his experience.

    Audrey Siow Avatar
    Audrey Siow
    positive review 

    Thank you Andrew and Jackson.
    Good trainer and constantly to ensure he left no one behind.. Great work !

    Aini Majeed Avatar
    Aini Majeed
    positive review 

    Awesome Coach. Learn a lot from Andrew. Highly recommended. Thank you Andrew and team.

    Catherine Tan Avatar
    Catherine Tan
    positive review 

    Awesome 2 days basic WP training with excellent trainers Andrew and Jackson. Way exceeded my expectation for a $39 course... read more

    Annie Fong Avatar
    Annie Fong
    positive review 

    Andrew really knows his stuff and is an excellent trainer. I am a WordPress novice and I learned so much... read more

    Sim Su Chin Pollyn Avatar
    Sim Su Chin Pollyn
    positive review 

    I am new to website design and WordPress.
    Andrew teaches you step by step patiently, very detailed. He shared his...
    read more

    Jonathan Lee Avatar
    Jonathan Lee

    💥💥💥Thanks Andrew for sharing amazing web building tips and Valuable lesson on how we can improve on our word press... read more

    Shiju John Avatar
    Shiju John

    Firstly apologies for the late review. I attended the session on the 19th of December and I must say I... read more

    Mag Cheong Avatar
    Mag Cheong
    positive review 

    Awesome Sites is truly awesome cos the Trainer makes websites building easy to understand and takes the fear of learn... read more

    Samuel Koh Avatar
    Samuel Koh
    positive review 

    14th August 2019 - Awesome Sites 3hrs Course... Thanks Andrew for sharing how to use WORDPRESS totally free of charge.
    read more

    Bryne Tan Avatar
    Bryne Tan
    positive review 

    Yes, the program is value for money.

    Stephen Lim Avatar
    Stephen Lim
    positive review 

    Know how to build a website coached by a committed and skillful trainer Andrew Koh in 3 -5 hours. I... read more

    Aileen Ho Avatar
    Aileen Ho
    positive review 

    Andrew is excellent n he is really patient in teaching. He always has the "no man is left behind" attitude.... read more

    林诗微 Avatar
    positive review 

    Signed up for the 2-Day Basic WordPress Online Webinar Class. Very insightful sessions with hands-on experience. Andrew conducted the course... read more

    John Choo Avatar
    John Choo

    Awesome Sites SG really lived up to it's name, it is really free... If you are coming to the session... read more

    Emmanuel Phua Sheng Qiang Avatar
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