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We can help. While we don't provide web design services at Awesome Sites, being a top WordPress web design training centre in Singapore, we have a ready pool of talent (ie our students) with the skills and expertise to build you an outstanding website. Our web design business is conducted through our related company, Biz Edge Pte. Ltd., a company wholly owned by our co-founder and trainer, Andrew Koh.

Your Website Design Matters

First impressions count. And online, it’s often your website that projects that all important first impression. Indeed the image you portrait through your website can often influence whether your clients think of you as profession and trustworthy or merely a second-class competitor within your industry. Hence, in this internet age, your Website Design matters and a tastefully designed website can and will improve your standing in front of your customers.

Why Use Biz Edge's Web Design Services?

When you engage Biz Edge as your web designer, you are assured of the following...

Singapore Web Designers

While some web design companies may choose to outsource their projects to developers in third world countries to lower cost, we don’t. Being one of the largest WordPress web design training provider in Singapore, we are able to handpick only the best students to work with us at Biz Edge, thus ensuring quality corporate web design services at a competitive price. 

With us, you are assured of a superior website built by Singapore based Web Designers.

Custom Web Design

Affordably priced custom designed websites is what you can expect from Biz Edge. Our students have all been taught in the advanced WordPress class how to build websites from scratch.

With Biz Edge, you are thus assured of unique web designs created to match your taste and preference plus enhance your corporate image.

eCommerce Website Design

When designing an eCommerce website, it is important to ensure the site is build on HTTPS, is secure, loads fast and provides users with a seamless online shopping experience, from product view all the way to check out. 

All sites build by Biz Edge go through a stringent 3 step quality assure process to ensure your needs in terms of design and functionality are met.

Templated Website Design

To keep prices affordable, most web design companies, including Biz Edge, offer templated web design solutions. While affordable, there is every chance your website will look very much similar to your competitors. The biggest problem with templated WordPress websites is that if someone can buy your theme, they can easily copy your design.

The above drawback aside, templated websites can be beautiful and professional looking too.

Mobile Friendly Sites

Its been announced that is Google rolling out Mobile First Indexing. Hence now more than ever, having a mobile responsive website is of utmost importance. At Biz Edge, all websites build are guaranteed to be mobile friendly and fast loading as well. 

With them, you can expect to have a quality website, every time.

Fast Loading Sites

Google has announced that come July 2018, page speed will become a ranking factor, albeit for mobile searches. While you may not see a significant ranking boost just because your site loads fast, if it's painstakingly slow, this update might affect you. And come May 2021, Core Web Vitals, a new Google page experience measure, will become a Google ranking factor too. And to score well for Core Web Vitals, the main content of your web page must load fast.

At Biz Edge, all websites build are not only mobile friendly, but load blazingly fast as well. You are assure of quality at all times.

SEO Friendly Websites

Every website produced at Biz Edge is personally checked by Andrew Koh for SEO friendliness. In short, when building your website, we will ensure that our web developers follow strictly, the guidelines of the major search engines including Google. What this means is not having to restructure your website at a future date, should you decide to optimize it for search engine rankings. 

With Andrew Koh, one of Singapore's Top SEO coach, as director at Biz Edge, you can trust that we know SEO.

Biz Edge is Reliable and Affordable

For slightly more than what our competitors charge for a templated WordPress website, they are able to offer you custom web design services. With Biz Edge as your web designer, you will be able to project the right corporate image online always

Find Out More?

To check out Biz Edge's WordPress web design services, simply fill in the web form on this page. Their consultants will get in touch with you within the next business day to arrange a free consultation.

Alternatively, if you wish to try your hand at building your own WordPress website, consider joining our free WordPress workshop.


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