Why Learn WordPress?

It's Powerful, Versatile and Above All, FREE

To some, WordPress is nothing more than a blogging platform. To us, it’s a powerful CMS that in the right hands, can be used to build the most professional looking business and e-commerce websites. That's why we conduct WordPress web design courses and why you should consider learning from us.

WordPress Facts at a Glance...


Percentage of Sites Worldwide Powered by WordPress

Number of Times WordPress Has Been Downloaded Worldwide


Market Share Among All CMS Worldwide

WordPress is Versatile

Because of its open source nature and immense popularity, there is no shortage of web developers willing to build plugins for WordPress. As at 14 May 2017, there are more than free 50,000 WordPress plugins found in their repository alone.

Indeed today, you can easily find a plugin to for any WordPress web development need you encounter. This makes customisation of both function and design of your website easy. More importantly, it makes WordPress an extremely versatile platform, able to support almost all sorts of web applications and uses. For our students who do not know coding, it arms them with an affordable way to build and customise all sorts of websites including e-commerce and membership sites. That's why WordPress is our platform of choice for our 2 Day Advanced Website Building Class.

2 Day WordPress Training - Just $188

We conduct a Full Day WordPress Training class once a week, usually on Wednesday & Thursday from 1pm to 7pm. Though priced at only $188, it covers everything you need to build a professional looking WordPress website. In fact, by the end of class, your first website will already be published. In short, it's just $188 plus 2 days of your time in exchange for a website; that's a good deal, don't you think?

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