WordPress Class - How to Choose the Right One?

As a consumer, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting WordPress training classes in Singapore. But choice isn’t necessary a good thing, if you’re unsure of how to differentiate the better class from the average ones.

Begin By Looking At the Course Syllabus

If all they are teaching are the following, avoid, even if the class can be funded with Skillsfuture:

  • Installing WordPress
  • Installing and activating WordPress Themes and Plugins
  • Changing WordPress Themes
  • Publishing a Page or Post
  • Editing a Page or Post
  • Adding Media (i.e. images, videos etc)

Sure, these are basics that every WordPress user must know but these are also skills that can be easily learnt by watching a short Youtube video or 2, all in the comfort of your own home. You don’t need to spend good money (or even your Skillsfuture funds) on courses like these. In fact, for your convenience, we have curated some of the best videos on such topics in our WordPress resource page.

We have nothing against learning these basics. But all such basic classes can do for you is teach you how to select a nice WordPress theme (i.e. a template or skin) and filling it up. Whether the site turns out beautiful or not is dependent on the theme you choose, and not your skills to implement design tweaks to change the look and feel. Again, nothing wrong with such classes but if this is all you are after, our resource page is good enough and it is free.

What to Look Out For?

Rather than just learning the basics, you should be looking for WordPress courses which teach you how to customize your web designs. And the best courses are those that teach you to build WordPress sites from scratch, with just a blank canvas. In the long run, you'll save lots of many because you won't need to buy one new theme after another, for each new website you build.

Most importantly, that’s what we teach in our advanced 2 day WordPress class and that’s why we are different.

2 Day WordPress Training - Just $188

We conduct a Full Day WordPress Training class once a week, usually on Wednesday & Thursday from 1pm to 7pm. Though priced at only $188, it covers everything you need to build a professional looking WordPress website. In fact, by the end of class, your first website will already be published. In short, it's just $188 plus 2 days of your time in exchange for a website; that's a good deal, don't you think?

Alternatively, you are looking for a reputable web developer to build your company website, we recommend BizEdge.com.sg.

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